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Highlights of Infinity war:

  • Gamora “killing” Thanos (yas queen!!)
  • Mantis “Kick names, take ass”
  • Thor and Steve complimenting each others new looks™
  • THOR’S ENTRY TO WAKANDA (i almost busted a nut)
  • Rocket wanting Bucky’s arm (aka a really popular fanon becoming canon)
  • Loki calling himself Odinson ;u;
  • Squidward
  • Okoye “why was she up there all this time?!”
  • Okoye, Natasha and Wanda fighting proxima midnight together
  • Bruce and Hulk arguing
  • Bruce yelling “come out come out” at Hulk like..hdhshshs same
  • Tony’s fuckiNG ARMOUR
  • Heimdall yeeting Hulk back to earth with his last breath
  • Thanos actually using the power, time, space and reality stones (even if he didn’t use mind and soul :( )
  • Peter saying “I should’ve stayed on the bus
  • Pretty much everything that had Gamora in it
  • Red skull (?????!!! the fuck)
  • Thor stabbing Thanos and pushing his axe deep inside his chest
  • M'Baku. Just. He.
  • Everything about Wakanda was 👌
  • Quill being jealous of Thor
  • Thor calling Rocket “rabbit”
  • Groot hurting himself to make a handle for Thor’s new weapon
  • Thor aka the Absolute Unit™
  • Loki’s “We have a Hulk ”
  • Peter yelling “magic! More magic” as he jumps from portal to portal
  • My man Steve Rogers holding back the gauntlet that has not 2 (as we previously saw in the trailer), not 3, not 4 but FIVE damn infinity stones. Holy shit.
  • Pete yelling “YES” as he kicks Thanos in the face
  • Drax screaming “devil carpet” at Strange’s cloak

There’s definitely more but that’s all I can think of the top of my head, please feel free to add more

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