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August 13 2017

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by Maritsa Patrinos

This is a great tip: If you really need to do gender marketing to raise profit, don’t make boring toys that suck, make the cool toys you have more appealing and relatable to girls. 
Mora badass girl ninjas, more girls in your advertising, just don’t ignore that girls/women are people and not a marketing stereotype 


im literally waiting for the day when yall push chris evans so far that he throws on his captain america suit and actually starts punching nazis and fighting crime

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Does anyone in our generation even expect not to die horribly anymore?


the phrase “let nazis have peaceful protests” is an oxymoron. every single nazi belief is built on a foundation of genocide, violence, and hatred. that’s their entire fucking schtick so it’s literally impossible for nazis to be peaceful in any way

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Never trust Shonda Rhimes

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Oh, this fun!!!  Do some more!!!!  Fuck with racists and Nazis and let’s destroy their lives!

The poster is a prick doxing someone for there beliefs. no matter how terrible the belief that should not be allowed.

Nazis and racists should absolutely always be outed. If you dont want to face repercussions for your hatred… dont… be… hateful? Dont… be… violent?

lol doxing them for their beliefs??!

Their… racist, violent, life threatening beliefs? Yes.

Do I care if these assholes have their lives ruined because they’re PUBLICLY being racist pieces of shit?

No. No I do not. Keep it coming.

When someone’s belief means exterminating innocent lives then those are not beliefs, they are threats. We’ve already seen what the KKK and Nazis can do if they were to follow their “beliefs” so why should we care about them feeling safe? You are part of the problem if you are defending them. Silence is also compliance.

They are not good or decent human beings when they wish to kill off innocent human beings for looking/being different or for practicing a different religion.

Read this again and again until you understand it: It’s not a fucking belief or freedom of speech to WANT people to DIE because you’re a racist Nazi with or without a white hood!

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Spinning toy with animal heads.

Mesopotamia, 2000-1800 BC

is that a fucking 4000 year old fidget spinner tho

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Maison Martin Margiela

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The realest.

What to do after the OB series finale


  1. Don’t panic
  2. Take some time to gather your thoughts, maybe lie down for a while or take a shower
  3. Thank the cast on Twitter or other social media platforms
  4. Read through the OB tag on social media to see what other Clone Clubbers are thinking
  5. Check to see if any of the cast will be attending nearby conventions
  6. See which of the cast members’ other projects look interesting and maybe check them out
  7. Do something productive
  8. Find another show to watch
  9. Rewatch the entire series and read some fan fiction
  10. Repeat the previous step as necessary
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“There’s something really cool that came out of [Orphan Black], which is this Clone Club community that impacted the way we’ve told these stories and our awareness of how fiction can effect change. It’s a community that embraces its differences and embraces people for who they are and is really supportive. There’s no infighting in that fan club and no discrimination. It’s just beautiful.” (x)

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These men are literally straight up nazis

Expose more please

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BREAKING NEWS (8.12.17): The driver during today’s attack has been identified as James Alex Fields, Jr, a 20-year old from Maumee, Ohio. Fields has been booked on “2nd Degree murder, malicious wounding and failure to stop in an accident that resulted in death” and is being held without bail.

This is the face of terrorism in America.

Expose every single one of them.


Stop saying “this is what they want” when people act violently against nazis. What they want is a debate. They want genocide to be something polite society can agree or disagree with. They want to be elevated to the general public discourse by having their ideas argued with. Violence is the exact opposite of what they want. Richard Spencer didn’t want to get punched in the face, he wanted good people to keep quiet, to respect his rights and let him calmly discuss white nationalism. Violence throws a wrench in all their plans. It shows them their carefully planned tactics to infiltrate mainstream discussion are utterly failing. Punching a nazi will get you in legal trouble but don’t let people tell you it’s what they want. 


What “don’t fight hate with hate” really means is “don’t fight hate.”


Confirmed that the driver of the vehical was James Alex Fields Jr, his mother has confirmed he was there for the unite the right rally as an alt right supoorter.

This is imporant. Fascists on twitter and tumblr have been posting fake info, fake names, and more all claimin it was an antifa counterprotestor who was the driver in order to shift the blame.

Charlottesville police have confirmed it was James Alex Fields Jr, and his mother has confirmed he was there as a member or the right unity rally.

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