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June 25 2017

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im having a stroke 

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Something interesting about Veronica Mars and Liv Moore

Both cheated on their boyfriends with this guy


Is Rob Thomas trying to tell us that no matter how committed you are, there’s no escaping Jason Dohring’s charm???? (And is that a struggle Rob himself is facing??)


having a protagonist who’s emotional + cries a lot is…. Good. love that. will never get tired of that. love seeing them wear their heart on their sleeve. apathy is out. unrestrained emotions, no matter how embarrassing, are in

If you have been brutally broken, but still have the courage to be gentle to others then you deserve a love deeper than the ocean itself.
— Nikita Gill (via onlinecounsellingcollege)

June 22 2017





I wish i actually wore the fashion taste i have

I wish I could afford the fashion taste I have

I wish I had the body for the fashion taste I have

all of the above

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lmao people mock fanfiction but when u think about it some people manage to create novel-length stories that are extremely well written without getting paid and they do it on top of school and work and everything else in their lives just because they love to write and they love the original story or the people they write about like im pretty sure that’s more productive than being the person who is just sat there laughing at it all

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x-men aesthetics: girls → jean grey, ororo munroe, jubilation lee

she’s my hero, I want to be like her


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x-men aesthetics: boys → scott summers, peter maximoff, kurt wagner

hey c’mon, let’s go have a little fun


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Trust the process. First the pencils, then the watercolor and colored #ink, then the slow, slow application of fabercastell Polychromos colored pencils on top to finish. I added the header last due to an abundance of white space. Almost like I planned it that way.
This is for sale if anyone’s interested. Best offer

June 21 2017

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June 20 2017




we opened at 11 this morning. i watched an old man literally pry the fucking sliding doors open at 10:43 and stand there just staring into the empty store and my coworker & i were like sir. for the love of fuck

I worked in a restaurant for while and a woman climbed past an A board sign, ignored the sign on a the door saying the opening times and trotted on in.
When told we were not open she asked why the door was unlocked. My manager explained that it has to be unlocked when people are in the building to comply with fire regulations. Which lead to my favourite exchange with a customer:
Woman: But there are no people in here.
Manager: Madam. The staff count as people.
Woman: That’s ridiculous. *Storms out*

“The staff count as people” has me dead

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